Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday- My Uniform

tee- loft; skirt- urban outfitters; belt & shoes- target; necklace- charming charlie
I love this skirt.  I was on the hunt for a camel skirt after seeing this post.  This was the closest thing I could find, and the best part: it was only $14 on the clearance rack at UO.  But it shrunk after I accidentally dried it, and I'm still trying to decide if its too short for work.  What do you think?  
I feel like I'm wearing my old school uniform now that I see this outfit in a photo.  Our school uniforms consisted of khaki pants, a belt, and a white, blue, or red polo.  Speaking of uniforms, J, of J's Everyday Fashion, once mentioned that you should have a "uniform" for work in order to make getting dressed quicker and easier.  Everyone should read this post about getting dressed for the office.  It has some great advice.  In the summer my work uniform is very similar to this outfit, lightweight skirts with fitted tees and blouses.  Today the heat index is 115 here.  This outfit is really comfy and cool.
Tonight I'm going to dinner and a movie with a friend.  We're still trying to decide if we want to see Crazy Stupid Love or Friends with Benefits.  Any suggestions?
XO- Heather  

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  1. Haven't seen either movie, but both look very cute and fun! Enjoy and then leave me with your recommendation!
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