Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 16- Menswear

Today's prompt was to rock a menswear inspired look.  I chose a V-neck tee, dress pants, and a blazer.  I considered wearing a button-up, but it's just too hot around here!  I figured the blazer was removable in case I start to die of a heat stroke.

tee- Target boyfriend tee
blazer- Old Navy
pants- the Limited
shoes- DSW

I have a confession to make... I bought this t-shirt on Saturday.  Does that break my challenge?  I mean, it's just a tee...
I've seen a lot of people with these boyfriend tees from Target lately.  And I've heard a lot about them.  Linley raves about them on her blog, Dwelling & Telling.  They're usually sold out of them at my Target.  But I found this hunter green in my size.  They are regularly $8.  But there was a Target coupon, to print from their website, for $3 off any Missimo item.  So I got it for $5.  It's really soft and very comfortable.  I have a million different fitted t-shirts.  But I like them long, like this one.  And it's hard to find them in a longer length sometimes.
I said in the original post that it would only be clothing (not accessories) since that's what i have an abundance of.  So for the entire month all I have bought myself is a t-shirt for $5.  Husband bought me this striped top with cut-out shoulders for $7.  I also bought a pair of $7 faux snakeskin pumps from Target and a leather carry-all pouch from American Apparel for $50.  I think I did pretty good.  The only time I slipped up was for a t-shirt for 30 days!  This is coming from someone who went to Loft at least once a week on her lunch break to shop in the past few months.  But now my wish list on Pinterest is quickly growing.  So I can't wait to shop again!!!! 
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  1. I have that exact one! They are great tees! You look good!

  2. You look so cute! I love your khaki blazer!

  3. I love longer length tees -- I say you buy them when you can find them!


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