Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 9- Monochromatic

Today I was being lazy.  I overslept.  I didn't really feel like dressing up, and I wanted to be comfortable.  I had all intentions to put together a cute outfit with color, but I went for black on black with a pink undershirt, gold jewelery, and leopard flats! 

shirt- Charlotte Russe; pants- Belk; shoes- Coach; long necklace- F21; short necklace- gift from mom

I have had these wide leg pants since high school.  I think I bought them to wear to a job interview I had my senior year working for the Parish Clerk of Court.  I wear them at least once a week every week.  They are super comfortable.  I love that they are the perfect length for flats.  I think they came off the clearance rack from Belk too.  I don't even know the brand, but they have held up really well. 
It seems like they make pants for giants these days!  I think I'm average height, 5'6", but all the pants I buy are way too long now.  I hope they last forever, because it's so hard to find good pants that have all the qualities I want.
And this is just to make you smile!   
Mocha in the clothes basket



  1. Love black on black and the gold jewelry is so pretty! Heather, stop by Ann Taylor today, and mention GMA and you'll get the IT pants for $29! You are about my Mom's height and she usually has no issue with the pants from AT in regular length!

  2. Black on black is so chic. I love it! Also... where in Louisiana are you from? I live in Florida now, but all of my family lives just outside of New Orleans.


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