Wednesday, March 12, 2014

21 Day Fix Results and Final Review

Well I did it!!  I finished the 21 Day Fix & was very pleased with my results.  Here were my final stats:
Starting 2/17:
Weight 134
Body fat: 20.7%
waist 25"
Hips 36"
Left thigh 21"
Right thigh 22"

Weight: 125.2
Body fat: 19.5%
Wait 24.5"
Hips 35.5"
Left Thigh 21"
Right 21.3"

I'm really not good with measuring.  I feel like I didn't measure in the same spots for my legs... 
I am extremely happy with my after pics.  I didn't have a lot to lose and my biggest goal was to get my body fat under 20% and I did that. I accomplished my goal!  I am blown away.  Everyone in my test group had crazy results.  Some lost as much as 15 pounds.  Some lost no pounds but a ton of inches and gained so much energy.  There are so  many different ways to measure your success.  I look at pictures and my body fat to measure my success.  

Final thoughts on the program:
-I didn't love the workouts enough to continue them after the program.  They were good- don't get me wrong.  Simple classic workout moves that are effective.  I just like going to the gym, running or doing T25 more.   
- The best part of this program is the meal system.  It opened my eyes to my eating habits and how my body responds to different foods.  I honestly felt so disappointed for so long b/c I felt like I was doing all that I could with my eating to see results.  I was lying to myself. I definitely wasn't. I was eating the right foods MOST of the time.  But the wrong portions and too much of one thing and not enough of the other.
- I ended with the 3 Day Quick Fix.  It is a SIMPLE BASIC 3 day program Autumn uses to get ready for a bikini competition.  No fruit, no dairy, VERY few carbs, lots of protein and veggies.  I learned my body responds really well to that. 
- The program is not gimmicky.  It is basic workout moves and basic fundamental nutrition.  I am actually following the program still to maintain my weight.  It takes the guesswork out of everything for me. Its just easier.  It can also work with any dietary needs.  I am using this with my knowledge from the Tone It Up Plan together.
-The knowledge I gained from this program was worth so much more than what I spent on it.

Here are some before and after pics.  

The program has actually sold out twice now because it's just such a great program for the price. Beach body really never disappoints. But this program is extra special because it focuses so much on nutrition.

I would love to help you reach your goals and get bikini ready! 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2 Review

Sorry for the lack of posts!  Things have been crazy busy at work lately.  Then when I get home I've been doing double workouts and I haven't had a ton of free time to blog!

I wanted to give a review of my week 2 on the 21 Day Fix.

Week 2 was definitely easier that week 1.  I feel like my body is adjusting a little more to the smaller portions.  I didn't have to go out to eat any. So that helped.  Even though you totally can eat out (there is a restaurant guide).  I just prefer not to.  I really like to know what is in my food.  Its hard to tell that when you go out.

All week I pretty much ate the same things.  Shakeology for breakfast, greek yogurt and fruit for snack, salad with some kind of protein and quinoa or a turkey sandwich on Ezekial pita, hummus with a pita (if not for lunch) and then a lean protein and veggie for dinner.

This weekend posed a whole new threat for me- Mardi Gras...  My husband actually loves it way more than I do. I tend to get stressed out with all the crowds around.  But he invited his sister, brother in law, and 2 kids down to go to the Endymion parade on Saturday.  So I knew I had to go.  My biggest problem was going to be what the hell to bring to eat?! And of course... not drinking... lol...

We actually went out to the parade route Friday night and set out our stuff to secure a good spot.

Then Saturday morning my husband went back to check on everything.  I had breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, and fruit for breakfast first.  
While he did that I got in a Dirty 30 Workout from the 21 day fix.  I was so proud of myself.  I reasoned with myself for a good hour about why I didn't have to do it. I was going to be walking a lot, I had not missed a work out yet, I deserved it, etc... Finally I sucked it up and just did it! I was so happy I did.

Then I had a snack of apple & almond butter.  Then started to get ready.  Around 12:30 I ate my lunch. I had baked chicken, brown rice, and green peas.  I was upset with myself because I didn't notice until afterwards that I measured the peas in the wrong container... OOPS!  Oh well, could've been worse.

I knew that I would need 2 meals while we were out.  We were leaving around 1, but the parade didn't start until 4:00, and lasted about 3 hours.  I decided to pack a ton of water, a packet of shakeology, and a meal of a pita; turkey; hummus; bell peppers.  I figured all of those things were easy to eat.  My husband brought beer, Reese's eggs, and beef jerky... ha!

The day went fine.  I was a little hungry. But around 3:00 I ate my turkey and bell peppers and dipped my pita in the hummus.  It was easy to eat and delish!  I ended up having 1 Reese's egg (I couldn't help myself) and a few pieces of beef jerky.  I did open a beer then after a few sips realized it was stupid so I gave it away... I had to keep my focus on my goals!!!!  I ended up not even having the shakeology until when got home around 8.  The parade was over around 7:15 and we had to pack up and walk back to the car.  Plus, I wasn't super hungry.

The parade was fun! I was proud of myself.  Our niece and nephew had a great time at their first Mardi Gras, and I was so glad we went!

I weighed in Monday morning.  I was only down 1 pound from the last week- which I think makes 4lbs total. I was down to 127.8.  But the big exciting news is that my body fat % is at 19.8!!!!!  I'm so excited.  I reached my goal already!  I also took some 2 week progress pictures, and I was very pleased with them!!!  I'm down a few inches too in different places but I don't have the numbers in front of me.

So far I am extremely impressed with this program.  Its simple, easy to follow, and teaches the average person (that may know nothing about clean eating & fitness) what to eat.  If you are interested in the 21 Day Fix let me know.  I have accountability groups starting all month long.