Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21 Day Challenge- Day 2- Tuck It!

Today's prompt is to "tuck it in."  I used to feel really self-conscious about tucking my shirts in until a few months ago.  I felt really awkward, but I realized that the pants make a big difference.  I think high-waisted pants look a lot better with a tucked in shirt.  I wish I could pull off the half-tuck like Linley or the front-tuck like Kendi, but it looks like I just left the restroom in a hurry, while they make it look so chic!
blouse- Loft; pants- Loft; belt- Target; shoes- DSW

You can see Mocha sleeping on the couch in the first one!  You can check out how the other participants tuck it in here


  1. Looking fantastic! Love the floral. I think it looks great tucked in.

  2. You looked fabulous today! I came to the same conclusion about tucking into high-waisted pants.


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