Monday, August 8, 2011

Mixed Up Monday- Weekend Recap + Challenge Update

As promised on Friday, I had a very uneventful weekend.  Friday night the husband and I went to Baton Rouge for a little while to get out of the house.  We rode around LSU's campus just looking at the lake, the sorority and fraternity houses, and the scenery.  They have such a beautiful campus.  The sorority row there is so different from Southeastern's campus, where I went to school. 
Then we went over to Perkins Rowe, an outdoor mall with boutiques, restaurants, and a movie theater.  We walked around a bit.  We went to Starbucks and had a cupcake and root beers.
Saturday we laid around most of the day then went to have a few drinks at The Londoner that night.
Sunday was my usual grocery shopping day.  Then we went to the mall to find the husband some new shoes.  I walked in Sears while he was looking at something and came across the cutest t-shirt.  It looked just like this one from Victoria's Secret that I've been wanting.  But I refuse to pay $35+shipping for a t-shirt.  Except this one was $7 and had stripes! I love stripes.   
Victoria's Secret Cut-Out Shoulder Tee- $34.50 
 I was quickly brought back to reality when the husband reminded me of my challenge.  So then I pouted the rest of the day, and I am still mad I didn't buy it.  It was $7, had stripes, and cut-out shoulders.  How did I pass that up?  Stupid challenge...


  1. Oh is it the shirt Amanda has? Im totes going to Sears tomorrow to look for one, ha!

  2. Yes! I found it at the Sears in BR. They had a ton of different colors. So I'm sure they have the same ones in Hammond.


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