Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's try this again...

Hey guys!  So I realized the other day that I sort of missed blogging!  I took a break simply because I ran out of things to talk about, and I figured no one wanted to read that boring nonsense!  But I'm back, and hopefully someone wants to read about my not-so-exciting life!

And in all reality not much has happened since the last time I blogged...But here's a little catch-up post!

Well, I did go to Nassau, Bahamas with my wonderful husband for the 4th of July!  It was amazing!  That was our first international trip, and everything went perfectly!  We stayed at a small, older all-inclusive resort, Riu Palace, which was right next to Atlantis.  It was actually really nice!  The staff and food was amazing!
We stayed for 5 nights- Monday-Saturday.

Atlantis did a huge fireworks display and fair for 4th of July!  So we walked over to Atlantis to check it out that night. It was beautiful!

I started running more and bought a Garmin Forerunner 110.  I love it! I'll be doing a review of the watch soon.

Hurricane Isaac came, stayed a while, and went... leaving my house untouched! Thank God!  But we did get a good bit of water b/c we are in a flood zone. We were unable to leave for only about a day due to the water.  Here's a pic of my driveway!

 I got a new tattoo... this is my 4th one. Its covered up by my watch easily.  So no one will really see it but me.  But its my daily reminder to live in the moment and enjoy my amazing life that I have.  I so easily forget to do that. I'm always worried about the next step and whats going to happen next.  I love the simplicity of the 1 word and especially the tiny heart! 


So that's it for now guys!!

BTW, all these pics came from my Instagram.  You can follow me- @hbaham


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