Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 3 of 5DSD

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Today's post may be a little boring again because its pretty much the same. And I didn't take any pics of my meals. 

For my PM workout last night I didn't end up going to body pump.  I actually just went home and did 3 different TIU YouTube videos.
Lift and Tone Booty Routine
Sleek and Slender Abs
Fine Toning Arms

I absolutely loved this combo! It was about 26 minutes total between the 3.  I did them while fixing dinner.  I kept my HRM on for a while afterwards b/c I was still sweating and a little out of breath.  I burned 150 calories!  I thought that was pretty good!  And plus, I'd do anything for my ass and legs to look close to this!  This is exactly what I love about these girls!  They have AMAZING athletic bodies!

For dinner last night I had the other quinoa stuffed mushroom I cooked with roasted asparagus and brussel sprouts.  I love roasted veggies!  Its one of my favorite things to eat.  And its one of the way to get my husband to eat something green! I also had a little bit of fresh pineapple after dinner while watching last week's Survivor.  I felt great and satisfied all day!

This morning it was so hard for me to wake up.  I felt exhausted.  And to be honest, I've been really tired this week, and I've been getting headaches.  I'm wondering if I am getting sick.  I was actually about 10 minutes late for work and my hair is a mess because I did not want to get out of bed.  But I forced myself up and into the guest room to do the HIIT the beach routine from the Beach Babe DVD. I love this routine!  Its only about 18 minutes total. But it is awesome!  I typically burn close to 150 calories in that short amount of time. 

After my workout I got ready for work then ate another protein pancake with strawberries and honey for my M1.  I had to go pick up a cake and fruit tray for a co-worker's 70th BIRTHDAY and our monthly meeting!!!  At work I had a huge cup of coffee with So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer.

M2 was some fresh fruit.  Then someone came in with fresh donuts.  I really wanted to punch him in the face.  But I stood strong drinking my water and eating my damn fruit all the while cursing them all in my head.  But then it hits me... I'm doing this for my health. I'm doing this for me- to feel better, look better, and live longer.  THAT is what makes it worth it.

M3 was another collard wrap. But this time I had sauteed garlic shrimp, grapefruit, and homemade salsa in it.  It was divine!  And I really don't think it was enough food.  Because right now I am starving.  This is the first day I've been really hungry.  But the first 2 days I had tempeh in my wrap, and that has a ton of protein.  So I'm thinking it is just more filling than the shrimp.  I'm anxiously awaiting 3:30 so I can go get my M4 juice.  I want to wait as late as possible because I don't want to be starving to death by the time I get home and am able to eat.  This morning I made my juice with spinach, cucumber, 1 banana, a small handful of chopped pear, and a kiwi.  I can't wait for it!

After work I'm meeting up with a friend for a 2 mile run.  Then I'm thinking of just doing a spinach salad with some black beans and salsa for M5.  I forgot to put anything else out.  Husband has a work event so I'm looking forward to going home, eating, painting my nails, and watching some TV! 

I weighed myself this morning just to see if it were any different than Monday.  Its still the same.  I'm very anxious to see how it all turns out when I weigh and measure myself on Saturday morning.  I've been working my ass off- working out twice a day and following the guidelines perfectly!  But I'll definitely post my results regardless! 

Sorry for this totally picture-less post.  But today was a little hectic due to our work monthly meeting so I didn't get to snap any pics. But you can follow me on Instagram @hfbaham or Twitter @hfbaham.  I'm always updating there! 



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