Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 4 of the 5DSD- Almost there!

I'm pretty surprised by myself and how well I've done this week!  Its been pretty easy for me so far.  Yesterday was a little rocky- I will say that.  I was pretty hungry yesterday afternoon.  But once I had my smoothie I felt much better.  I've always had a very big appetite.  I am always hungry! I can easily out-eat my husband at any time!  And I really love good food!  So I think this is why I've surprised myself so much!  I haven't felt deprived though.  I feel like everything I have been eating has had plenty of flavor.  So that definitely helps!

After work I met up with a friend for another 2 mile run around campus.  Here's my Garmin pic for the afternoon.

For my M5 last night I had a random combo of things.  I put some black beans, rotel tomatoes, garlic, and spinach in a pan and sauteed them until the spinach was wilted.  Then I roasted some asparagus, brussel sprouts, and red onion in the oven.  It was so good! I actually made too much.  So I'll be eating that again tonight!
This morning for my BC workout I did another 2 mile run, but this time it was with the dog.  So you can see she slowed me down quite a bit.  I kept having to stop and wait for her! 
M1 was ANOTHER protein pancake.  That was actually the last one I made.  So tomorrow I will probably have some eggs for breakfast.

M2: fresh pineapple

M3: Shrimp and grapefruit collard wrap with siracha and homemade salsa.  I love things spicy!  Here was a pic after I took a bite!  I topped it with cilantro and green onions! 

M4: smoothie from my NutriBullet of spinach, cucumber, banana, and strawberries!  I'm actually about to go eat that now!

PM workout will be the surfer girl routine from the Beach Babe DVD and the Sunkissed Abs routine.

M5: same as last night- black bean, tomato, and spinach sauteed w/ roasted asparagus and broccoli

I feel great today! My pants feel a good bit looser today!  I'm so excited to weigh and measure Saturday morning!

Happy Thursday everyone! 


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