Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivational Monday: Tone It Up

Good Monday Morning!

I recently started following the Tone It Up nutrition plan.  If you've never heard of the Tone It Up girls go to their website quick!  You will love them!   TIU was started by 2 best friends, trainers, and nutritionists: Karena and Katrina.  These girls are gorgeous and in amazing shape! 
First they had a fitness studio together in California.  Then they started doing YouTube fitness and diet videos. And eventually developed their own nutrition/lifestyle plan, website, DVDs, and online social networking site. 

You can purchase the nutrition plan from their website, for $150.  It includes a 150+ page guide with recipes, lifetime updates, and access to the TIU community.  I highly, highly recommend it!  $150 is a little steep.  But its extremely worth it if you plan on following the plan.  The information you gain from it will help you forever.  It should be something you follow for the rest of your life- not just a quick weight loss plan.  

Here's a little glimpse into how I got started with it:
I've been around size 6 weighing about 138 lbs for about 5 years now.  But that certainly didn't mean I was healthy.  I've never thought I was overweight, but I've wanted to be around 128 for a while now.  I've tried several different fad diets, and I'll admit it- diet pills!  I worked for a medial weight loss clinic for a while in college so I have the knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.  But I love to eat. And I mean LOVE it!  I wake up thinking about what I'm going to eat.  When I eat one meal I'm asking my husband what's for the next?!  So my massive appetite and bottomless pit stomach has made it very hard for me to lose weight.  I didn't consider myself to be an unhealthy eater for the most part, but my portions were way too much.  Oh and I love sugar, candy, cakes, and junk food.  I've been a pescatarian (eliminating land animals) since October of last year.  But just because I don't eat meat certainly didn't mean I ate healthy.  I was eating a lot of junk food!  

About 6 weeks ago, my gorgeous friend, Victoria, told me about "eating clean." She said she read about it online.  I went crazy researching this term and dove right into it!  So I made a decision at that point to cut out processed foods, white flour, white bread, white sugar, etc... (when possible. sometimes in social situations its just not possible. I try to do the best i can when I can)  I wanted to switch to whole, healthy, clean foods. So I did, and I lost about 3 lbs just from doing that.  I felt absolutely amazing. My running time and endurance improved.  But then I hit a weight loss plateau.  I think I was still eating too much food.  So while doing a ton of research I came across the Tone It Up girls. 

I've been following the nutrition plan for several weeks.  I've lost 5 more lbs.  Its so easy to do!  Its nothing crazy or even really new.  But it teaches you how to fuel your body properly- like an athlete- with 5 small meals a day.  It also teaches you how to combine your food at the right times for optimum fat-burning!  They promote healthy living, not being skinny!  That's what I love.  They're extremely encouraging with their facebook and twitter followers.  And their workout DVD is awesome! 

I didn't measure myself from the beginning. But  I know I've lost several inches because my clothes fit differently, and I definitely feel like I look more toned.   

Also included in the TIU Nutrition plan is a slim down plan.  Today I'm starting the 5 Day Slim Down.  I need to reset my mind-frame with food. The past 2 weeks I haven't been eating very clean.  There's been a lot of temptations, and I gained 2 lbs back.  I'm determined to lose the last few lbs and a few more inches.  So this week I will be documenting what I'm eating and what I'm doing for my workouts (I'm aiming for two-a-days).  Obviously since this is the first day, and I don't have any pictures of my food yet. 

They recommend working out first thing in the morning.  When I run I do it before work anyway.  So getting up early is very easy for me!  This morning I did a 20 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout from their Beach Babe DVD.  And I'm doing a 45 minute step class after work. 
Here's my meals planned out:
M2: peach
M3: teriyaki tempeh wrap
M4: green juice (spinach, carrots, cucumber, and pear) and some pineapple
Step Class
M5: quinoa stuffed mushrooms

Have you ever heard of TIU or "eating clean"?


*All of these opinions are 100% mine.  I was not compensated or asked to review their plan.  I'm sure they have no clue who I am! LOL
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  1. Heather! I just started the TIU regimen a few days ago and stumbled across your blog while looking for other ladies' stories with the program... I can relate to a lot of what you've said ("Well, lunch was good. What should we have for dinner? And will it involve beer and/or cheese?") I live in a small ski resort community where everyone is athletic (seriously. athletic. I literally stood between two Olympians at the post office this morning.) and while you'd think that would be inspiring, most of the time it is just intimidating. I find K&K's enthusiasm and sunny spirits suit me well. As I said, I'm only a few days in, so the nutrition hasn't FULLY kicked in as a lifestyle yet, but I'm hopeful! Good luck to you on the 5 day slim down and in the future!

  2. Can you send me this

  3. Yes, this is a review of the Plan itself but not a review of the ToneItUp Company. Based on their customer service alone, I would never give this company any money from my pocket. When you place an order with them, the only form of communication that they allow is email. Did anyone else notice they do not have an exact phone number to call them regarding discrepancies with your order or concerns that you have? They recently refused to issue me a refund of my money even though they never sent me the DVD set I’d placed an order for. After numerous e-mails back and forth explain my side of the story, I decided to call them to explain since they were completely ignoring my viewpoint and complaint through email. I quickly realized that email was the only form of communication between them and you, as a customer. Personally, I will never work with this company again and will continue to spread the word of my horrible experience with ToneItUp to everyone that I know. I would highly recommend that you do not supply your personal information or credit card information to this company!

  4. I've bought lots of stuff from them before and NEVER had a problem. I've also never heard of anyone ELSE who's had an issue with them. I'm sure your situation is the exception, and you're also not telling anyone the full story. Sounds like there's a lot more to it, and just because you had one very specific and very rare bad situation does not mean the entire company is bad. These women are amazing and have inspires SO MANY other women.... they work so hard for their clients. Your comment is extreme and not fair to the ToneitUp girls or company and I just needed to give my two cents.


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