Friday, September 28, 2012

Final Day of the 5DSD

So... I just ate a mini Reese cup and a mini Hershey bar.  I felt like I just had to have it.  But I'm ok with it b/c I know its not going to ruin all of the hard work I put in this week!

When my alarm went off this morning I did not want to wake up.  I felt like it took everything out of me to get up and work out.  But I did it.  I laid in bed, and I kept telling myself "its the last freaking day! Wake up!"  So I did, and I completed another session of HIIT the beach from the Beach Babe DVD!  I really love that workout! Its so short, but I feel like its extremely effective.  It was a tough workout because I was so tired.  I had to stop several times and catch my breath.  Plus, my legs are pretty sore from the Surfer Girl routine from the BB DVD. 

After getting ready for work I scrambled up 3 egg whites with some spinach and topped it with my homemade salsa.  I also had my Meta-D drink from the TIU plan.

M2: fresh fruit- melon, pineapple, and strawberries

M3: I wrapped up some tuna, siracha sauce, and red onion in my collard wrap today.  It was sort of a random mix but pretty good!  These collard wraps are awesome! They're pretty filling, and there's a variety of things you can wrap up!  I'll definitely continue to eat them even after this week!

For my M4 I have a smoothie from my NutriBullet made of spinach, cucumber, banana, strawberries, and cilantro!  I tasted it last night when I made it.  It was delish! 

I'm going to end my long week of hard work with the Sunset Workout after work! 

I still haven't quite decided what I will do for dinner yet.  It will definitely be something 5DSD approved.  I might just grill a piece of tilapia to eat with asparagus.  I just want it to be something simple and quick.

I will wait to review my whole experience with the 5DSD since I'm not quite done yet!  I'll be weighing and measuring tomorrow, and I will share the results also!  

Today I've been pretty exhausted.  I'm not sure if its the fact that I haven't been eating much this week or because I've been working out twice a day all week or waking up before 5:30 is getting to me... But I'm tired.  The crazy thing is that I haven't felt super hungry for the most part or deprived.  I've felt very satisfied with my choices so far.  

I really want to complete a long run tomorrow, but I might just take the day off and do absolutely nothing!  I've already decided regardless of what my results are I'm not going to ruin it on the weekend by eating a bunch of crap! 

Anyone have any good plans?  I have none, and I'm so excited about it!  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 


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