Monday, October 1, 2012

5DSD results are in

Guys... I am proud of myself for completing the 5DSD the right way and sticking to it the whole week.  For me, the biggest accomplishment had to be two-a-days for 5 days in a row!  That's a big deal for someone who has a really hard time with workout motivation.  Once I get going I'm good... But starting off sucks... And a lot of time I just don't do it.  I know this will be a real challenge since as of today I no longer have a gym membership.  Its going to take some real determination to work out at home. 

I have to say- it wasn't bad.  It was pretty easy for me.  I tried to 7DSD in the original Tone It Up plan.  And it was really hard for me.  I was starving every single day.  And I think I ended up cutting it to 5 days b/c I had plans that weekend.  I might have lost a pound that week. I can't remember.  I just remember I got really bored with the food and very hungry. 

Also, the two-a-days weren't bad either.  I am an early-morning person anyway. So I alternated either a run or the HIIT the beach routine every day.  And both of those were done within 30 minutes.  Then in the afternoon I would either run or do a 30 minute toning routine.  So I didn't feel like I spent tons of time working out.  I just got up about 40 minutes earlier than usual and then spent 30 minutes in the afternoons. I still had plenty of time to do what I wanted. 

Saturday morning when I woke up it was really rainy out so I didn't go for a run. I really wanted to get in a longer run.  But I also kept telling myself that I should just let my body rest for a day.  Then it felt sort of weird.  I feel like that 5 days helped to set a habit for me.  I eventually ended up just doing some yoga poses and stretching because I felt like I needed to do something.  The first thing I wanted was grains!  I had not had any grains all week.  So I opted for some oatmeal! 

So overall, I would HIGHLY recommend everyone trying this if you're a few pounds away from your goal weight, just want to jumpstart your weightloss, or want to reset your way of eating. 

I weighed and measured myself that Sunday before starting.  I hope I measured correctly.  Here's my results:

Starting Weight: 132.4
Ending Weight: 128.2
Total Loss: 4.2 lbs!

Starting Measurements:
Calf: 14"
Thigh: 20.5"
Hips: 35.5"
Waist: 25"
Arms: 10.5"

Ending Measurements:
Calf: 13.75"
Thigh: 20"
Hips: 35"
Waist: 24"
Arms: 10"

Total inches lost (counting both sides): 4"

I was in extreme shock! I feel like that's a lot!  Hopefully I measured correctly. I definitely feel like my pants are looser!  Its really weird b/c one of my thighs is like .5" bigger than the other... starting and ending. Its strange. Anyone else like that?

Since today is the start of a new month I want to set a goal for myself for the month of October.  My goal is simply to get moving for 30 minutes/day 6 days a week.  I know I can do it because of the 5DSD!  Now I just have to remind myself of that!  What are your October goals?

Is anyone else doing the 5DSD this week?




  1. Well done on the 5 day slim down, great results! I feel like I need to do one again because I am feeling a bit bloated at the moment so I will start tomorrow! :)

  2. wow, awesome job! i'm going to have to look into trying this :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie


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