Monday, October 31, 2011

Mixed Up Monday: Recent Purchases

Happy Halloween!  I'm lazy and boring and didn't do anything for Halloween nor am I dressing up.  Husband has too much studying to do to break away.  And I just hate to spend money on a costume, and I'm too lazy to make one.
Saturday I had a facial from my best friend.  She's an Esthetician, and owns a spa in our hometown.  My skin has been looking so dull lately no matter how many times I exfoliate.  Plus, it has been a year since I had one.  
Then afterward I tagged along with a friend while she shopped and we ate sushi for lunch.  We spent 6 hours shopping!  It was so fun though.  By the time I came home at 7 that night I was exhausted.
I did pick up a few things on Saturday.  I really wanted to take advantage of the 20% off coupon from Ulta since there were no exclusions.  There were some things I knew I would buy eventually.  So why not stock up when you can get it on sale?  I also went to Loft because they were having a 40% off everything sale.
So here's what I picked up:
weekend shopping

A lot of these items were things I wouldn't normally buy all at once being the frugal person that I am.  But they were all things I've had on my wish list for a long time.  And since the Ulta coupon was a one-time thing, and you can normally not use their coupons on any of this stuff... I figured this was the best time to buy everything- while I can get it cheaper.  I can either buy things later when I need them or buy things before I need them at a discount.  I follow the same rule for my groceries and household products... "Buy at the lowest price possible if you are going to use it."
ulta shopping
I've been needing and wanting a new skin care set lately.  Normally I use a drugstore brand, usually Olay because I always have coupons.  But some of the drugstore brands can be pretty pricey when you add up an entire line of products.  Since I really needed everything I figured I'd give this kit a try, and I added in the microdermabrasion cleanser also .  I wouldn't have normally bought it or paid full price for it.  I really just tried it because of the coupon.  But I've been using it since Saturday night and I love it.  But I also just had a facial so we'll see how long that lasts. 
I've been dying to try this for a while.  I tried ELF's version, the shimmering facial whip in lilac petal.  But I really didn't care for the consistency of it.  It was EXTREMELY runny.  I made a mess every time I used it.  Since ELF's is only $1 I bought 2 different bottles of it.  Because I thought maybe the first one I bought was old.  But they both did it.  I think that's the first ELF product I didn't really like!
This stuff is AH-Mazing!  I've been on a crazy mascara kick lately.  My sister actually bought this stuff and I tried it.  I had to have it.  I was going to wait until I ran out of ELF Mineral Infused Mascara to buy some more.  But I figured I could either buy it in a month or two or buy it now for 20% less. 
I already have one of these and I'm completely obsessed.  But I picked this one up for my mom.  She tried mine a few weeks ago and fell in love.  Is there anyone out there that doesn't like this thing?!

I've been dying for some skinny black pants that I can wear to work.  I have black jeans, but I can't wear jeans.  And I'm funny about leggings so I won't wear leggings to work.  I found these at Kohl's.  They are the material of sleeping pants.  But they aren't too tight and have pockets in the back.  So they look like regular pants.  They are great quality.  These were originally $48.  But the Daisy Fuentes brand was 40% off and I had a 15% off coupon I printed.  So I think I paid about $26 with tax.
Anyone else do any shopping this weekend? 


  1. I'm so jealous. Because of the snow storm I couldn't use my 20% off. I was super bummed!

  2. I just saw you posted about the Benefit mascara. I posted about it today too. So random. That stuff is the best mascara ever. I've used some pretty good ones before, but this takes the cake!!


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