Friday, October 28, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! 
So since this week was our anniversary I thought it would be fun to share some quick tips for cheap date nights.  I'm really easy to please when it comes to going out to dinner or a date night.  I don't like expensive restaurants because it's not worth it to me, and I'm 100% ok with pizza and beer for a date night!
So here's my tips for cheap dates:
  1. Sign up for restaurants' email lists.
    1. I put this #1 because it is the best tip I have.  For our anniversary we got a coupon for a free dinner at Texas de Brazil (at $50 value), a free pizza at Rotolos, a free appetizer at Lone Star Steakhouse, free chocolate covered strawberries at The Melting Pot, and a few other offers.  A lot of restaurants will send you an initial offer and something on your b-day and/or anniversary.  Use these coupons!  We are saving the Texas de Brazil because it's good until November.  But last Saturday night we went to Rotolos, ordered a pizza, drank and hung out for a few hours for $15!!!
  2. Sign up for daily deals sites
    1. They always have great offers for things to do in every area.  I always buy the Fandango tickets when they are like $12 for 2.  If you go to the movies it is $18.  So that is a $6 savings.  I keep the codes in my email.  Then when we have nothing to do I check out the movie times and use one of my codes for Fandango I already bought!
    2. My top sites are: google offers, groupon, daily deals, screamin' daily deals, & living social
  3. Use
    1. You can do a search for restaurants in your area and buy $25 gift certificates for $2!!!!
    2. Read the fine print and make sure there are no restrictions.
  4. does a Weekend Restaurant Round-up every Friday to let everyone know of the deals at restaurants for the weekend.
    1. She also does a weekend retail round-up for shopping
  5. Go to a restaurant a little early for happy hour to get cheap drinks and appetizers
  6. Check out local wineries and breweries.  
    1. Sometimes they give free tours and samples
  7. Cook at home together
    1. I put this last because I cook during the week everyday so it's not my ideal thing to do for a fun night.  Plus, my kitchen is small so it's hard for us to do this.  But other people may enjoy this!
If you start signing up for all these email lists I would create a separate email account for them to go to.  This way it isn't clogging up your inbox.  Check it a few times a week or every other day.

And just for fun here are a few of my favorite pics from my wedding- since it is my anniversary week!!!  I had the easiest best experience planning my wedding.  We had a small wedding, and it was SO SO fun!
 Our venue. I love this! It's my background on my computer
 me & my youngest niece
me & my dad
clearly this isn't the most flattering picture but i love how happy i am!
me & my mom
me & my parents
me & my bridesmaids my sister is farthest to the right!
my big sis in my sorority sang while we lit the unity candle
my dad & i dancing to Hank Williams, Family Tradition!

Sorry about all the images! I just kept adding!!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. I'm a new follower! Love all the pics! Happy anniversary!! :)

  2. oh i love your venue & that you danced to family tradition! just wondering if people sang the add ins or just kept quiet since it was your father daughter time!?


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