Friday, October 14, 2011

Frugal Friday: Fit on a Budget


I got up at 5:30 this morning and did the Couch 2 5K program with Mocha.  As I was jogging I started thinking about this idea for a post...
We all need to exercise, right?  Even if we aren't trying to lose weight it is necessary for our health.  I'm a firm believer in exercising and keeping a healthy heart.  Although, I don't exercise every single day and some weeks I don't get around to it at all.  But I don't believe in being lazy every single day for the rest of our lives.  I certainly do not claim to be a fitness enthusiast or expert either.  But I have always been very body conscience.  Even though I don't think I am "fat", I have some issues with my weight.  It's all part of my perfectionist personality.   
I REALLY love good food.  Really, words CANNOT even explain my love for food.  One of the ways I feel better about myself is by exercising.  I figure, at least I'm trying, right?!
We all make excuses for not exercising, including me!  One excuse for not exercising is budget...  Gym memberships can be very pricey.  But exercising does not have to cost a fortune.  So here are my "fit on a budget" tips.

  • Get outside! Walk, jog, or run!
    • ITS TOTALLY FREE!  Some fresh air always makes you feel better.  But the downsides: it can be pretty boring and monotonous and the weather.  It's really hard for me to get outside when it's super cold and when it's 100 degree Louisiana heat.
    • Try to C25K app.  I think it's 99 cents.  I love it!  I've read that interval training burns more calories too! 
  •   Make your own circuit!
    • This will take some investing at first.  But it will be one time costs, and you can usually find these items at TJ Maxx or a garage sale.  Get a few sizes of dumbbells, an exercise ball, and resistance bands.  Then look up some circuit-type exercise routines on Spark People, You Tube, or just Google it.
  • That brings me to my next step... There are a ton of online videos and routines.  You can find some on Netflix too.  You can also look into Exercise TV.  
  • Check out your local library for fitness DVDs.
  • You can also invest a small amount of money in a few quality DVDs.  Pick some up on Amazon.  I know the Jillian Michaels DVD's are pretty good.  
  • Use your Wii if you have one to play fitness games.
  • Find a gym with no contracts.  
    • I am REALLY funny about signing a gym membership contract.  I WILL NOT do it.  I don't like to be stuck in something.  Things change, situations change, jobs change, you move, etc... and I get bored easily. There are too many factors that play into where I work out.  I don't want to be stuck with something.  24 hour gyms are a good place to start.  My husband has a membership to a Snap fitness 1 mile from our house.  So we added me to the plan for $15/month.  But I can cancel it at anytime.  I like that.  I also found a gym near my office that strictly teaches classes.  They have Zumba, kickboxing, Body Pump, spin, step, and a ton more.  Best part: I can either pay for a month of unlimited, or I can pay $5/class.  I like to pay $5/class.  I really only like to do Body Pump because I hate lifting weights on my own, and I really enjoy that class.  I usually only go once a week though.  So I use that in combination with walking on the treadmill or doing C25K outside.  So I work out in a group setting or on the treadmill at a gym for less than $40 a month.  I pay around $20 for body pump and $15 for Snap.  
Sorry this post is so wordy!
What are your fitness tips?  How do you keep your wallet and waist in check?


  1. Thanks for your post! That was really encouraging and helped affirm to me that I made the right decision to cancel my gym membership.

  2. Yeah, gym memberships are for people committed to regular fitness. I usually run around my neighborhood for exercise - I will only join the gym after I've proved to myself that I can stick to a routine.

    Actually, I probably won't join the gym since I like to run outside on my own.


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