Monday, July 11, 2011

My first post

 I've created this blog as my little creative outlet.  I will be sharing my daily outfits; rants and stories about my daily life; my love for finding a good deal, couponing, and budgeting; and my constant struggle with my love for food while still trying to fit into my clothes!
I work an 8-5 desk job with about 5 co-workers in a pretty business casual environment.  I love clothes and dressing up, but no one at work seems to care too much about my outfits.  I wanted a place to share my outfits.  Speaking of which, today was my first attempt at color blocking.  It is such a huge trend right now, and I know I'm a little late jumping on board.  Sorry for the pic- it was taken with my phone in the bathroom at work!  My normal outfit posts will not be like this!
Tee- Loft, skirt- thrifted, necklace- jewelery boutique in my hometown, shoes  


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