Monday, July 18, 2011

Mixed Up Monday- Weekend Recap and OOTD

Each Monday I am going to do an edition of Mixed Up Monday- which basically just means that it could be totally random postings and nothing in particular.
Weekend Wrap-up:
This weekend was relaxing.  It rained most of the weekend.
Friday was a usual work day then Body Pump after.  That night the husband and I watched Lincoln Lawyer.  It was a great movie.  I heard a lot of great things about it.  So I was really happy when we finally got it from Netflix. 
Saturday husband studied all day (he is taking a part of his CPA exam today).  I needed to get out of the house for a little while so I started off with a manicure and pedicure.  I got the Shellac Gel polish on my fingernails in a pretty coral color- can't remember the name.  I love to keep my nails painted, but it doesn't usually last for more than 2 days.  This gel is supposed to last up to 2 weeks.  I'll make sure to note how long it takes for it to chip.  I found an OPI shade for the toes that was similar.  I never get mani/pedis anymore- just b/c I don't like paying for them.  I always do them myself at home, but we're going to Destin, FL on Thursday so I wanted something that would last.

Then I went to visit my parents for a few hours.  We live about an hour away from our hometown. So we don't visit friends and family as much as we should.  Then I visited with my best friend, Jaclyn.  We've been friends since the 1st grade, and we were each others' maids of honor in our weddings.  She's the type of friend that we might not talk every day or even every week, but that has no effect on our closeness.  When we talk or see each other it is like no time has passed.  She's got 2 adorable little ones so they kept us entertained.  
Sunday husband had to review a lot before the BIG DAY!  I did a little grocery shopping and Mocha and I did lot of this:
Isn't she cute?!

I also took a trip to Best Buy to get a new digital camera and get a game for the husband.  He'll have a little downtime before starting to study for his next part of the CPA.  We fried some fish that my dad caught and gave us for lunch, and I made homemade sweet potato fries.  We've had a fry-daddy since our wedding, but we've never used it.  I never fry anything at home.  I try to keep eating fried foods for special occasions or eating out.   
Here is my outfit from today:
tee- boutique near work; skirt- loft; shoes- Diba Lynley via DSW
 Hope everyone has a great Monday!  I'm counting down the days until our weekend vacation to Destin on Thursday with 2 other couples- including this girl.  I cannot wait!


  1. The Shellac manicure is the best! Mine lasted for 14 days! It's well worth the money.

    And I love your green top with your floral skirt :)

  2. oh good! i'm glad to know they really do last.

    thanks! i love these fitted tees- they're so comfy!

  3. Hey thats me! Haha. I canot wait for our trip! I just heard about this type of polish. Let me know how you like it. How much was it for a mani? I think im going tomorrow to get the gel overlay on my real nails. Ive never had it before so I hope I like it.

  4. it's you! it was $25 for the manicure. so far so good. i think the gel overlay does some damage similar to fake nails. it might be about the same price to do the shellac polish. i got it @ La Nails in Hammond by the mall.


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