Saturday, February 15, 2014

21 Day Fix: What's Included

Some of you may have seen all of the buzz going around about Beach Body's new program- the 21 Day Fix.  It sold out in the first 2 days after its launch!  Crazy! I think its because the plan is very affordable and the challenge pack is an awesome deal!
What it is: a fitness and nutrition program that focuses on 30 minute effective workouts daily and perfectly portioned balanced meals! Sounds easy, right?!

So here's the specifics of the plan:
The base kit includes:

  • 7 portion-controlled color-coded containers for each food group
  • 6 workouts
  • a bonus Plyo workout when ordered through your Coach
  • start here guide
  • 3 day fix (a fast track 3 day plan)
  • 21 day fix eating guide

Challenge Pack- This is a PHENOMENAL deal

  • all of the above plus a shakeology cup and a 30 day supply of shakeology 

Mine arrived early last week. I immediately opened it up to read through the guide and take a look at the containers.  The guide is very easy to follow and simply laid out.

Here are the containers:
red- protein
purple- fruit
green- veggies
yellow- grains and starches
blue- cheese, hummus, avocado, nuts
orange- seeds

I'm super excited to get going with this program Monday!  I have a group of people all starting at the same time and doing it together. I think that is what I am most excited about!

Anyone else doing this program?

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  1. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well! Can't wait to see how your group does!


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