Tuesday, February 18, 2014

21 Day Fix- Day 1 Recap

Ok so I'm going to be totally honest here... This weekend was BAD!  I ate really really bad... I stuffed myself with junk every day this weekend. My weekend went like this:

Friday (Valentine's day)- had spaghetti dinner planned for us (our tradition). It was gross... For whatever reason I didn't like it so I felt unsatisfied.  I went to Walgreens and bought a small bag of Sweet and Spicy Doritos; 2 lb bag of Twizzlers; a giant Slim Jim... I know, gross, right?  Well guess what... I ate all but a small amount of the Twizzlers. I went to bed feeling sick to my stomach.

Saturday was a new day.  We planned on a leg workout but kept putting it off all day.  I went shopping a little that morning then the husband wanted brunch.  So we went to this awesome brunch spot, Russell's, by the Lake.  I got chicken and waffles... I ate every bite.  We headed to our first parade of the year- Krewe du Vieux.  Its sort of an adult parade... It pokes fun of a lot of popular themes.  My favorite was probably The Big Bong Theory... We drank, of course.. And ate.. at this awesome local spot called Mimi's.  The have small plates.  We shared 2 beef empanadas and a very small steak- just enough food. But this was early- around 5:00.  So naturally after the parade and plenty of drinking we were hungry again at 9:00. So we ate sushi... Then went to bed.

Sunday for lunch we had Mexican. I then had 1/2 of Cadbury Eggs and a few Reese's eggs.  I ended my night with a cauliflower crust pizza that fell apart...

Guys... This was bad.  I don't normally eat like this. I have literally felt like shit all weekend. Not because of guilt- because YOLO, right? (ha) But because my stomach is killing me.... Anyway... I guess you live and learn, right?

Moving on...

Yesterday was the first day of my 21 Day Fix.. Thank God!!! I definitely need a detox. My plan was to get up early and do the cardio workout from the program then do legs after work. I overslept...

Here was an overview of my meals for the day:

 7:00 am: Shakeology mixed with water
10:00- greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries
12:30- spinach, quinoa, grape tomatoes, and tuna salad
2:30- apple with peanut butter
5:00- whole wheat tortilla with hummus and bell peppers
5:30- cardio workout
6:30- Legs Workout at the gym
8:00- flank steak with asparagus

I felt pretty good all day... I had to squeeze in 2 workouts after work- which was not ideal. I typically don't like to do anything on the same day as legs... But its only 21 days!
I wasn't really hungry most of the day- except when it was time to eat again. I'm concerned I may not be getting enough calories though if I am doing heavy-lifting... That's my only concern. But I am going to trust this system and this process! I made a commitment to myself to do so!

This about sums up how surprised I was that the Cardio Fix was as hard as it was!!!  It was tough.  My legs felt really exhausted after- which meant I couldn't push as much at the gym.
At the gym we did- 4 sets of squats (85lbs); 3 sets of deadlifts (75lbs); 3 supersets of curls and extensions.

I was exhausted at the end of the day.  I fell asleep around 9:30 last night after watching the Following on Netflix. Anyone watch it? We're obsessed right now!
I feel better already today with just 1 day of eating normal again!  Now... Only 20 to go... Its difficult with King Cake everywhere haunting me though.

Have a great day!!

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