Thursday, May 31, 2012

My dogs are like bad kids...

So my dogs don't listen. AT ALL!  Mocha can be a complete bitch.  She really doesn't like to be bothered unless you are going to feed her.  She doesn't like other dogs, and she doesn't like kids.  She's just very calm and likes to sleep.  She doesn't listen at all.  The dog has been potty-trained for 7 years but still pees in my house very often at night. She won't go outside if its too hot or if its raining.  She will just sit on the porch and look around.  But then when she does go outside she often chases people that are riding bikes or running in our neighborhood.  She won't hurt anyone though.  She doesn't bite she just likes to chase people away.
Once she gets going she won't come back either.  Sometimes if I try to go get her she runs away. 
And then there's Fred- sweet, floppy-eared Fred...

He is really the sweetest dog ever!  He just rolls over when you go up to him. He's never growled.  He only barks at cats and other dogs when they come near our yard.  He can be very territorial.  But he loves kids and people.  Or so I thought...
Fred stays on a rope, like the one above, that gives him full access to the backyard and porch.  Its really long so he's very free back there.  But we have a gate that closes across out driveway, but its electric.  Here it is:

So you have to have a remote to close it.  The motor on it went out a few months ago and we haven't fixed it yet.  So we just leave the gate open.  Normally, this isn't a problem because Fred is in the backyard on his rope, and Mocha is inside.  

My husband is working on a project at work which means he's not really around much right now.  And I work about 50 miles away from home. Yesterday while at work I got a phone call from a random number around 4:00.  I didn't answer because I usually don't. I listened to the voicemail.  It was the very sweet older lady that lives next door.  She said, "We have Fred in our backyard because the animal control had him.  They were ringing your doorbell.  So we took him for you."  So I'm thinking great!  I guess he got loose or something. So I left work because I felt bad they had him.  Plus, I had plans later so I needed to deal with this situation. 
Well when I got home I had this on my door!!!
Please notice the sentence at the bottom! He tried to bite citizens? Are you kidding me?  I was actually pretty embarrassed.  Also, 1st warning?!  How many do I get?  Did Fred get a ticket?  I don't understand this!
So I gathered Fred, thanked my neighbor a million times, and put him in the backyard .  I called this Mary lady this morning.  She said someone called and said there was a basset hound running around the baseball park trying to bite people.  So they went to get him, and he growled at them.  He wouldn't come to them.  Then when they caught him they tried to bring him back home, and no one was there.  So they knocked on the neighbor's door.  (Thankfully they love Fred!)
I'm convinced he was minding his own business and some bad ass kid tried to mess with him or something, and he didn't like that.  I highly doubt he would just start terrorizing people! 
I thought this was a funny little story and just wanted to share!


  1. Ha I love that story!! Tried to bite citizens..really? WHO WRITES that? :) HILARIOUS!!

  2. Mocha sounds like my dog Rollo. He doesn't listen at all and tries to run away when you go get him. Best of all, he chases cars! I highly doubt cute little Fred was biting people.

    New follower, love your blog!

    Devan :)

  3. This is completely nuts! I wouldn't even know what to do. If I were Fred, you can bet money I'd be trying to bite people too. And really - how many ferocious basset hounds have you ever seen?

    Love your blog! Following through Google.

  4. Oh my goodness! He was probably so confused, poor Fred!! Glad your neighbor took him in! Seriously, has anyone ever met a mean basset? Honestly?


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