Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Beauty Regimen: Dry Brushing

So that title may sound a little funny... Especially if you've never heard of dry brushing before.  Let me start by explaining it a little.
Dry Brushing is exactly like it sounds.  You brush your body with a natural bristle brush when its dry (before a shower/bath).  I first heard about it GlamLifeGuru's YouTube video below.

Her title intrigued me so I watched the video.  Then I started my own research about it.  Turns out... It has a ton of benefits.  Such as:
  • it helps shed dead skin cells 
  • it helps increase circulation to skin
    • this aids your body's discharge of metabolic wastes, which helps the lymphatic drainage of the body
    • basically it helps rid your body of toxins!!!
  • helps to tighten the skin because it increases blood flow
    • this can lessen the appearance of cellulite
      • btw, cellulite is toxic!  it is actually toxic materials that are accumulated in your body's fat cells
        • umm hello.. i've definitely got it! 
  • stimulates the lymph canals
  • helps with muscle tone and more even distribution of fat deposits
  • rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings
  • helps your skin to absorb nutrients by unclogging pores
So I figured... Why the hell not?!  It certainly can't hurt me.  It will either do nothing at all or possibly do all or at least one of the above claims!

I had a long handled bath brush laying around that I am using.  Like this one from Amazon.

Her video also explains how to do it.  But here's a quick breakdown of how I do it:
  • I start at my feet and brush upward, toward the heart
    • It helps to go over each area at least twice
  •  I brush in long strokes over my legs, front and back
  • On the back of my legs I do circular motions also
  • Then I do my hands and arms 
  • I lightly brush my stomach in circles
  • I also lightly brush my back
  • Then Shower!
Make sure to avoid sensitive areas, any rashes or cuts, and your face...

I've read you should do this every day, and it can take up to 30 days to see results.  

Anyone else do this or ever tried?  Heard good/bad things about it?  I will report back if I notice any differences! 



  1. I have that brush and I've tried but it kind of hurts and it's hard for me to remember to do it - but if you stick with it, I've heard you see some good results! :)

  2. Hmmmmmmm, I think I might try this. Just what I need, something else that adds time to my routine. My bf will be so excited! LOL.

  3. this is the second post i have seen about dry-brushing. i guess i should get on the dry brushing train and try it out! thanks for sharing

  4. i dry brush every morning before i shower and i've found it really good at keeping cellulite at bay! :) xx

  5. i've heard of this, but haven't tried it myself. i think i'll try it though, i've got some cellulite i'd like to fade! LOL


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