Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals

I feel so much better today, almost completely back to normal. I just have low energy. But I think thetas totally normal considering I didn't have any solid food yesterday.
I wanted to share my April goals with you guys today.

I love to utilize the space in my Inkwell Press planner to jot down ideas or very general goals for the month. Its called a personal mission board. I love that!
Here's a few goals of mine for the month!

*I want to start yoga again.  I won a month of unlimited at a local hot yoga studio that I LOVE 2 years ago and I have never cashed in that free gift.  I always find an excuse to not use it. I would love to do that this month.  
*Spa night/ face masks at least once a week
*Stick to budget
*Plan date nights
*Sign up for the 2015 Tone It Up retreat!!!
*Blog during the week
*Keep going strong with the Bikini Body Guide. I'm on week 7 and I absolutely love it! I will do a full review when I am done with the 12 weeks
*Workout 5 days a week
*Continue eating Paleo
*Continue eating at home. minimum @ restaurants
*Do a few home improvements/ updates that we have put off for 2 years!!

What are your goals for the month?  I love reading other peoples' goals!

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  1. My goals are to go to gym at least 3 times a week, drink more water, think positive about my body, and learn more about eating healthy. Are there any paleo books that you read?


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