Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What brought me to the Whole30

Before diving into my experience with the Whole30 I figured I should first talk about what brought me to the Whole30 and why I did it.  I honestly felt like I was lead to do this, like it was something I had to do.  

I decided after 15 years to stop taking hormonal birth control.  Not because I am ready to have a baby but simply because I might be one day.  I have wanted to stop taking it for years now but I have been TERRIFIED of getting pregnant without being ready.  So before I stopped taking it I did some research on other methods of birth control.  I think I will do a separate post all about that.

One of the books I read was Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I was so interested and floored by all of this information about my OWN body that I never knew.  I did not learn these things in Sex Ed, I did not learn them from my doctor, and my mom did not teach me these things.  I cannot recommend this book enough. Regardless of wanting to have a baby now or ever this book is FULL of information about the female body that is so useful to every woman.  I just can't say enough good things about it.  Seriously, if you are a woman you must buy this book and read it ASAP!

After reading the book I joined a couple of Facebook groups of people with similar interests.  Someone mentioned a podcast, Fertility Friday.  Its full of a ton of information. I have a long work commute so I figured a podcast would be great for me.  She talks a lot about the Weston A Price Foundation and nutrient dense foods.  
One of the podcasts' guest was Laura Schoenfeld of the blog Ancestralize Me.  This particular podcast was about Recovering from Post-Birth Control Syndrome.  You can read all about that episode here! I loved listening to her talk and this whole episode resonated with me big time.  This was really my first time putting any thought at all into a Paleo/ Ancestral Diet.  I immediately dove head first into Laura's blog and podcast.  This opened up a whole new world for me.  

After many hours of different podcasts and reading different blogs (all paleo-based) I decided I would give this paleo thing a try.  The very next day I did the best I could with what I had to eat a paleo diet.  
That night I ended up on the website- and decided I would start this immediately.  I didn't put a ton of thought into it. I just felt compelled to do it.  I bought the book It Starts With Food and read it in one day, and I was on my way.  I started the Whole30 on a Friday because I did not want to wait another day.

I decided it would not be about weightloss.  It would be about nourishing my body with the best foods for me.  Lots of health fats, local and grass-fed meats, TONS of veggies, and fruit. 
I am on this journey to get my hormones in balance after 15 years of suppressing them... 15 years of stopping a natural process from my body...  So I decided I would start with my food... 

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