Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Cost of Being Unprepared

So yesterday I shared with you my food diary.  You can see that I had the most random dinner.  I was starving when I got home. I didn't have anything thawed out.  I threw a random dinner together of leftover fish and leftover sautéed cabbage.
I didn't realize at the time that the fish had been in my fridge since Friday.  It was not frozen when I got it.  After writing the post within about 30 minutes of eating I stared feeling terrible.  I could not pick my head up off the couch.  I was sweating and my stomach had swollen up like a balloon.  I had to curl up in a ball on my bed and I could barely move.  Throughout the night I was so bloated and had severe stomach cramps and nausea.  I did not sleep. I laid on the bathroom floor for hours.
I had to get up and go to work because I had a meeting that involved several people, and I couldn't cancel it.  My temperature was high this morning before I even got out of bed.  The commute felt unbearable. I finally started to feel better around 2pm or so. I did some research and I'm thinking I had food poisoning.  Specifically, scombroid food poisoning, caused from fish. It can even be from cooked fish. My symptoms matched up perfectly:
Symptoms are described below. They occur within 10–30 minutes of ingesting the fish and generally are self-limited. People with asthma are more vulnerable to respiratory problems such as wheezing or bronchospasms. However, symptoms may show over two hours after consumption of a spoiled dish. They usually last for about 10 to 14 hours, and rarely exceed one to two days.


The first signs of poisoning suggest an allergic reaction with the following symptoms:
  • facial flushing/sweating
  • burning-peppery taste sensations in the mouth and throat
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • headache
  • tachycardia
  • cold-like symptoms

I don't know what else could've caused it the way I felt last night. It was terrible.  Even today I have only had a banana and a green smoothie with avocado.  But I feel like I've been eating nonstop for weeks.  My stomach is so swollen and in so much pain.  

So... not so fun night last night or today.  I'm just relaxing this afternoon and I can't wait to feel better.  I will definitely be more careful about how long I keep things in the fridge.  I probably push the envelope way too much with it! 

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