Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

I hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE last night.
Husband and I went out to dinner, came home to watch tv, then watched a gorgeous firework display in our neighborhood from our front porch!!
I'm spending today relaxing, grocery shopping, and cleaning (my usual Sunday routine). I've got black eyed peas in the crockpot and some cabbage to cook up for dinner!
2011 was a great year, but like everyone, I'm ready to get 2012 started!!!
I'm not too big on setting resolutions, but I'm all for always striving to change for the better.
Below are 12 goals I set for 2012. I've got a lot to do!
1. Read a book a month
2. Stick to our budget in every category
3. Go on 2 vacations
4. Save 10% of our monthly income
5. Continue to be healthy
6. Sell our house
7. Move closer to work
8. Spend my clothing allowance on higher quality items instead of a lot of cheap items
9. Be spontaneous
10. Eat out less
11. Get back into couponing
12. Be the best wife, daughter, sister, ain't, friend, and employee I can be
Happy New Year!!

Below is my outfit from last night. I meant to have our waiter snap a pic of the two of us and forgot!
Jeggings: Target; top: JCP; shoes: Payless; purse: MK


  1. Great outfit!

    You have so many good goals! I need to be better about reading. I am reading this book right now (that I got for Christmas) thats called The Devil in The White City. Its true about this murder that happened in Chicago. You should check it out!

    And I need to eat out less too. Ooops :)

  2. What a cute outfit!! I love the goals!


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