Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I suppose this is an extremely selfish post considering I'm posting about my own birthday. But whatever... It's been a week since I posted so what better a topic than me?!  Just kidding!

I turn 25 today! Weird... I'm not really ones of those people that freaks out about getting older. However, I did wake up this morning looking a little rough despite sleeping for 9 hours last night, and I immediately blamed it on being 25.

My mom gave me some money because I told her there were a few things I wanted, but wasn't sure what to get yet.  I'm thinking REALLY hard about ordering Sigma's Eyes Kit and Synthetic Kabuki Kit.  I've been wanting both for a long time!  But I also think maybe I should go to Sephora and get some anti-aging cream and eye cream or something.

I don't have any major plans.  Husband and I don't usually make too big of a deal out of birthdays.  Tonight we're going to eat pizza at our favorite pizza place, Rotolo's.  They sent me a coupon for a free pizza for my b-day.  Then we're going to the mall for me to pick out some black leather riding boots.  I would much rather pick out my own present that have someone choose one for me.  I'm picky about stuff.  Then I'm thinking we'll go pick up a king cake.  Since my birthday is right before Mardi Gras season I always get king cakes instead of birthday cakes.

Friday night my amazing friend, Victoria, just so happens to be throwing a Fun Party.  So I'm going to eat Mexican and have Margaritas with a few girlfriends after work then headed over there.  I'm so excited! I love Fun Parties.  They're always a blast!

Saturday is our nephew's 5th birthday party.  He was born yesterday, the day before me.  Then Sunday husband is taking me to eat brunch at a surprise location in the French Quarter.  Then we will spend the day together there.  This will probably be our last fun outing until April 15th, the dreaded tax day.  He'll be working crazy hours at work until then. 

I thought these two pictures were funny. Excuse the poor quality I took a picture of the picture with my iPhone.  The first one is my sister and I.  She dressed me up in Teddy Ruxpin's outfit.  The second was like my 3rd birthday I think.

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy that kingcake, I am so jealous!!

    The Magnolia Pair


  2. hope you had a great birthday last week!! turning 25 isn't so scar i just turned 28, and i freaked out just a bit. loved those photos of you when you were younger

  3. Happyy birthday! (A little late!) hehe

  4. Happy BIRTHDAY!! I hope that you had tons of fun! I'm glad you posted about it, so that we knew when it was your birthday to tell you happy birthday! That king cake looks amazing!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Bday!! Not selfish at all by the way! :)


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