Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Journal

This is probably at least the 3rd time I have stopped blogging for a long period of time and restarted. I think it is because I don't know where I want to go with it. I need to stop trying to have a focus or a destination and just let it be.  I think that is something I struggle with in all aspects of my life.

So what inspired me to get started again this time?  Last night I had a realization- I don't feel balanced.     I am very successful at my job.  I have a successful position in my company.  I have amazing friends.  I am healthy and physically fit.  I am happy most of the time.  I have a great family.  Some things I feel like I don't have or can't find is creativity and fulfillment....  

Maybe I am looking at this all wrong.  I guess the term creativity is sort of relative.  I guess creativity can show up in many different forms.  I love the idea of doing creative things and making things. I'm  just not really good at it.  And that is where I struggle.  I'm not a good writer.  I definitely can't sing, or draw, or really make stuff.  I'm not very crafty.  I feel like I am lacking creativity altogether... Not just an outlet but the creative gene or something.

As far as fulfillment goes- I want to help people.  I want to find my purpose.  I have felt like it usually had something to do with helping people lose weight or get fit. {But honestly- I think that has caused more harm than good in my life.  More on that in another post.}  I don't know how to find my purpose.

Last night I googled "How to channel creative energy."  It brought me to a few articles about balancing your chakras.  This is something I never really looked into. But now I'm extremely intrigued. 

I'm thinking I need to focus on balancing the 2nd Chakra.  Hell I probably need to balance all of them.  For now this is what I am focusing on.    I found this info:

2nd chakra:
Balanced: Vibrant physical and emotional health, feeling of well being, laugh easily and often, healthy sexual and creative outlets

Unbalanced: Emotionally instable or numb, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression, anorexia, alcohol or drug abuse
Stepping up to the 2nd Chakra, it’s time to move out of the survival mode of the 1st Chakra’s focus on your basic physical needs and start having fun feeling sensual and sexy, and engaging your creative self. The 2nd Chakra attends to your desire for interpersonal relationships and invites others into your life to share your passions, sexuality, and creativity.

The 2nd Chakra level primarily focuses on emotional and sexual energies. Balanced emotions promote a sense of self-worth that allows one to accept all the good, including abundance and prosperity, into his or her life. And balanced sexual energy generates romance and healthy sexual relationships. The craving to create something physical, outside of oneself, develops at this level, and drawing, painting, writing, and music are excellent outlets for this desire.

A balanced 2nd Chakra leads to feelings of wellness, plenty, pleasure, and joy. You can see this exemplified by those who are fully connected and attuned to their physical and emotional centers. They are comfortable with their bodies and their emotions. Sexual and non-sexual relationships are healthy, and they are based on trust and mutual respect. There is a passion for life that is expressed in everything they do.

Imbalances in the 2nd Chakra are characterized by “living in your head,” being out of touch with what your body is telling you, and denying yourself pleasure. Anorexia, bulimia, drug and alcohol abuse, and other addictions are attempts to nurture oneself in this kind of emotionally disconnected or detached state. Sexual dysfunctions are also directly related to imbalances in the 2nd Chakra.

An overactive 2nd Chakra can result in lustful, arrogant, or conceited behavior, and an aggressive desire to control others; whereas an underdeveloped 2nd Chakra can manifest as distrust, resentment, fear, apathy, pessimism, and anti-social conduct. It can also show up as continually worrying about what others think and always following the crowd.

The 2nd Chakra is a very important building block in the Chakramid structure. As such, it is perfectly positioned and proportioned right above the root Chakra, which is the foundation or base of the Chakramid. Emotional awareness and connectedness will become more and more important as you ascend up the Chakramid, because emotions are the magnifying glass through which you will examine, study, evaluate (and ultimately communicate with) all of your Chakras.

So I am hoping this blog will help me let out some of that energy I feel like is built up.  I have no focus for the blog. Maybe people will read it. Maybe not.  I just need a place to be me.  I need a bigger sense of fulfillment.  Maybe this will give it to me.  Maybe not.  Maybe it will be a place that inspires me to do something else that will give me a sense of fulfillment in my life.  The title is "Diary of a Simple Life."  So that's what this will be- a diary... a journal of some sort... 


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