Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Hottie Series- Catch Up

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I really hope social media goes back to normal now that the election is over.  I'm all for people voicing their opinion.  But intentionally attacking another person because their opinion is different is just ignorant and a real asshole thing to do.  I'm over it!  America chose.  Now we can be happy because its who we voted for, or we can move on and support our country regardless.

Enough political talk!  Let's move on to the Holiday Hottie series! 

I am really loving all of the encouragement and positive attitudes that comes with something like this! I love seeing the check-ins and pictures on twitter, facebook, instagram, and the TIU Community.  Its so much easier to keep going when you know so many other people are doing the same thing!

The daily workouts are throwing off my half marathon training. But the HM isn't until February.  So I have an opportunity to even start back from the beginning if I wanted to after this 2 weeks is up.

Yesterday's workout was so so tough!  Take a look at the cardio circuit from yesterday!

I managed to make it through and burn 367 calories! 
M1: pumpkin protein pancake and coffee
M2: green juice (kale, banana, apple, cilantro, & ginger) and 2 boiled eggs
M3: tempeh sandwich w/ asparagus
M4: Luna Fiber bar and hummus w/ green peppers
M5: almond crusted tilapia and roasted brussell sprouts

Now on to today's plan.  I started my day with the MaliBooty workout.  I woke up pretty sore this morning.  So this was a killer!
My meal plan for the day looks like this:
M1: pumpkin protein oats and coffee
M2: plan greek yogurt w/ honey, pumpkin spice, & pear
M3: sauteed tempeh and brussell sprouts
M4: hummus w/ bell peppers
M5: Hearty Mushroom Soup

I hope everyone has a great day!  And if you haven't joined the Holiday Hottie challenge you can do so here!

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