Thursday, April 5, 2012

My first 5k race

So I know I haven't blogged in well over a month.  I'm not really sure what happened. I just let time get away from me.  But I do miss blogging, and I'm hoping to stick to it this time. I guess I just ran out of things to talk about!!

I wanted to share a really great and fun experience with you guys!!  I ran in my first 5k race last weekend.  It was so much fun. 
I have never been a runner.  I can jog- but short distances.  I have a lot of lower body strength in these big thighs of mine.  So my legs do not give out quickly.  But I get winded quickly.  I go to the gym 2-3 times a week.  But now that I think about it- I never really push myself THAT hard. 
One of my very best friends, Heidi, ran in the Susan G. Komen Race in Lafayette, LA last month for her Nanny, who had breast cancer.  Her mother, at 50-something years old, just decided to start running.  And she trained for the race, and they completed it together in honor of her sister. 
The company that I worked for in college for 3 years (the same company my mom and Heidi work for) sponsored the Child Advocacy Services annual Blue Run 5k race last weekend.  So she signed me up to do it.  I kept telling her I cannot run a mile- much less 3.1.  It was only a couple of weeks away.  We didn't really train for it.  The weather had been really bad so there was no going outside to run.  I was extremely nervous about the whole thing because I didn't want to look dumb walking so much!
I know that 3.1 miles is not far. But like I said before- I've never been a runner and I get winded pretty quickly into it. 
So the night before the race I saw the Hunger Games with husband (it was my 2nd time seeing it- saw it at the midnight showing). So when we got home around 11 I could NOT fall asleep.  The last time I remember looking at the clock was around 2:15.  I had to get up at 6.  I needed to be at the site at 7:30, and the race started at 8:30.  It was in my hometown so it was about 30 minutes away.  By the time I had to get up, and I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep, I wasn't nervous anymore.  I felt like it was a total waste of my time.  I hadn't slept, I can't run a mile, and I just didn't want to do it.  But I went anyway.
I completely surprised myself in the race.  Obviously I wasn't doing it to win.  It was just for fun.  But I finished in 36:45 which I didn't think was bad at all.  I had estimated finishing around 40 minutes.  I ran a little over the first mile before having to walk a little.  I did take a lot of walking breaks but just long enough to catch my breath. 
When I saw the clock at the finish line I was so proud of myself for doing it.  You would've thought I had just won a triathlon or something- the way that I felt.  I was on this incredible high for the rest of the day, even running on a few hours of sleep. 
My husband and I are doing the next one on April 29th with 2 other couples.  Its the Run Forest Run 5k sponsored by Bubba Gump.  The route goes through the French Quarter, and the money goes to Children's Hospital.  I'm super excited about this one.  And I'm actually taking the time to prepare for it. 

Allison (Heidi's co-worker), Heidi, and I after the race

If anyone has any tips for a new runner throw them my way!!  A friend took pictures of us as we finished the race, but she hasn't sent it to me yet.  I can't wait to see it! 



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