Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: OOTD

Today's outfit is a pretty basic work outfit- nothing fancy.  Pretty boring... It got pretty cold here overnight. 
pants- Loft
sweater- JCP
wedges- Target
scarf- American Eagle

I picked up this scarf over the weekend with an American Eagle coupon, and I couldn't wait to wear it.  I have no makeup on today.  My eyelid has been itching all week in one spot, and I just couldn't bare to put any eye makeup on just to rub it off.
With that being said... This leads me into a discussion about the random "health" issues I've been having for the past month. 
I've got this weird red patch on my left eyelid.  And it itches like crazy.  I haven't changed my makeup or any facial products recently.  So I have no clue what it is.  My vision insurance kicks in January 1st so I'm going to have my eyes checked then.
Both of my eyes have been twitching for over a month.  Not continuously.  But on and off and nearly every day.  Just recently my entire right eyelid has been twitching every few times I blink.  People can even see it when they look close enough.  I have no idea what is causing it. 
I have also been having crazy muscle spasms everywhere lately.  Sometimes when I lay down at night my temple will spasm while I'm laying on it.  I get spasms in muscles in my legs, arms, back, etc... I've never had them this much this often.  So at this point I've convinced myself that I have some neurological problem and I need to go to the doctor asap.  Husband thinks I'm over-reacting...
Anyone else ever had this happen?!


  1. ive had the twitching eye before and freaked out. it just goes away after a few days or week or so...i read the longest it will stay is several weeks. it was horrible! i think lots of things can cause it...stress? caffeine?

  2. Hey Heather!
    Cute outfit! I like your hair like that!

    I got my MK bag at the outlet in Destin, FL. They only sell this version at the outlets but I really like the regular tote too...

  3. That scarf just gives a great pop of color. Great choice.

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  5. Eat a banana a day for a week & see how you feel. I get muscle spasms if I'm potassium deficient. Google it- It really works! And the eye twitching, it could be the same thing seeing as what's twitching is the muscle that is attached to the eyelid. Good luck!

  6. that scarf is so cute!

    for your eye spasms, it can be from stress and lack of sleep. i often get them, plus a lazy eye on one eye and my dr told me stress/lack of sleep cause it. so rest up!!


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