Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Things Thursday: the hair edition

Here are some new hair products that I've been loving lately.  I used to use nothing but Redken products.  My mom used to be a hair stylist.  Although she hasn't done hair in about 10 years she continues to renew her cosmetology license.  So we're able to get salon hair products at the supply house for cost.   So I picked up these 4 new products one day, and I've been loving them all since.


1.   Redken Body Full shampoo and conditioner
This shampoo and conditioner gives great volume.  It is safe to use on color-treated hair.  Neither is too heavy.  It has a nice scent that's not too overpowering.  It works great on my fine hair.  

2. Redken Guts 10
This gives great volume without being too heavy or sticky.  I apply it to wet hair by spraying it straight onto my roots in sections.  Then I massage it into the scalp and comb it through the rest of my hair.  Then I use this product on the ends:

3.  Redken Aerate 08
This stuff is awesome! The texture of it is so strange.  Its almost like a whipped paste.  You have to use such a tiny amount though.  It can give your hair a stiff feel with too much.  Here's what the description says:
The revolutionary aerated cream adds featherweight body with the moisturizing properties of a cream.

  • Conditioning agents provide silky softness and manageability.
  • The volumizing benefits of Cellulose plumps hair, giving It body and texture.
  • Helps block humidity for prolonged shape memory and refined style.

  • Here's my hair after blow-drying it and using these products.  Keep in mind I am not naked in the first pic.  I had on a bath wrap.  The second pic was after I actually fixed it.


    All of these products work great with my fine hair.  This may sound gross but I only wash my hair twice a week.  I wash it on Mondays and Thursdays usually.  If I watch the amount of product I put in it I can go several days without washing it.  I use dry shampoo after the 2nd day.  I usually wear my bangs pulled back so I don't touch my hair a lot.  That helps it to not get greasy.  And I usually wear it up on the last day. 

    I'm finding the longer my hair is getting the harder it is to style.  I've been trying to grow my hair out for a long time now.  Although I love my hair short (below) I want long hair so bad.  While this may be a fantasy b/c I will never have the hair I dream of... I'm still trying!  Every night I take pre-natal vitamins and biotin (with my birth control haha).  I think it helps.

    me (with short hair) and my niece a few years ago at her b-day party

    I'm all about finding a good deal, but I'm pretty picky about the products I put in my hair.  It has ta tendency to turn brassy if I put certain products in it.  But that's not saying there aren't some good drugstore finds out there.  I don't know that I would use salon products if I didn't get them at the price I did. 

    What is your daily hair routine? Fave products?



    1. hi doll! just came across your blog - i love it! new follower here :) I love redken shampoo, I used to use the all soft, you are reminding me how much I used to love it! keep in touch!

    2. I love Redken! I use tons of their products.

    3. Redken, is my all time favorite brand!! I have very thick hair, I get mine thinned at all the time!

      I just came across your blog and I love it!! Can't wait to get to know you better!!

    4. How can you get away with washing your hair only twice a week? Jealous! My hair is thin too but it gets greasy if I don't do at least every other day. Pain :/

      Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

    5. I pretty much do the same with my hair! My hair is super long, so I'm not looking to "grow"- more like I'm lazy and hate having to wash my mane lol. It does keep my hair more healthy and it even saves on the water bill ;)


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