Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I'm officially back in the blogging game.  These past few weeks have been so hectic.  Husband and I went to Vegas all last week.  We had a great time.  But I'll be honest... We were exhausted and ready to come back home by the end of the trip.  Once I get some free time I'll post some outfits pictures from the trip.
We booked and paid for the trip 6 months ago. At that time I had no idea I would be leaving right smack in the middle of my biggest work project of the year, health insurance open enrollment.  Normally, we do it in May.  But we've changed things up this year so we're in a huge time crunch to get it all under  way before the first of next year.  So it's been a little stressful returning to work.
I've been noticing everyone posting their Christmas wish lists so I wanted to show you guys mine!  This year I'm only asking for a 2 bigger items. 
from Target.com
Vanity Set: I really want to re-do our guest bedroom as a "vanity" room for me.  I want to put a vanity with some storage bins and shelves.  I was inspired by this Pink Lou Lou post.  I will use that room to put my makeup on and do my hair.  Husband leaves for work way later than me so putting it in our bedroom is not really an option because he's still asleep.  Right now I don't have much space in our bathroom, and since he's still asleep I usually blow-dry my hair in the guest bathroom anyway.  We NEVER have company so that won't be an issue.  I just have to find the right furniture to go in there, and figure out a way to rearrange everything to fit.

Professional hair dryer:  This one runs $194 which seems a little crazy for me.  But I think with my flat hair it would make a difference.  I just have to research the best one.  

I'm sure I'll think of more.  What all are you wishing for this year?



  1. hey! glad you're back! cant wait to see vegas pics.

  2. those are two nice items. i'm asking my hubby for yellow gold hoop earrings. so i can ditch my fake $10 ones!


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